The following are questions I am asked most often, so I decided to post them here for your convenience.  As always, if you have any other questions regarding my policies and/or procedures, just ask!

How do I book a session? 
Once you've decided on a session and you're ready to book let me know and I will send you an invoice and the contract and release forms that need to be sent back either by e-mail or snail mail. In order to reserve your session, I just need your deposit. We can work out a date before or after you have reserved your session, just let me know what dates you're available.

What should I/we wear? 
I suggest trying to avoid solid whites, crazy patterns, big logos, brand names, & matching outfits (unless you want that). Whatever you decide to wear, it is important for you to be comfortable, be yourself and love what you have on! I want your photos to showcase who you are and not the person that was wearing that outfit in the catalog! ;)
For a group or families, it is sometimes easier to find one shirt with multiple colors in it and choose those individual colors for the other family/group members to wear. Also, if your session is urban like in downtown I would suggest wearing deep rich colors that go with the mood, but if your session is in the country then it's best to go with lighter/neutral colors. Don't be afraid of a pop of color though! 
Another thing to think about is where do you plan on displaying these photos? Imagine what your photos in that outfit will look like on display in there! 
Feel free to text me or e-mail me a photo of your clothes laid out or different outfit options if you're stuck and want my help! :) 

Check out some examples in the different galleries on my website and get ideas for what to wear and color pallets on my Pinterest board for clients:  

A great tip is to arrive at your session early and have the kids get dressed there, if you think they might mess up their clothes! 

Will I be able to change clothes during my session? 
Sure you can, just be sure that you choose a session that will allow enough time for you to do so. Maybe you want to do some dressy and some casual, whatever you'd like!  

What about location?
We can shoot wherever you'd like! I do prefer to have natural light though! Did you see a place in my previous photos that you like? Do you have a special or favorite place in mind? Maybe your neighborhood or backyard, your school, your house, your favorite hang out, park, a spot or field you always drive by and think I'd love to take a photo there! Maybe a store or the outside of a brick or colorful building? Urban or country? Downtown Houston or Katy? A place your family spends a lot of time, maybe you go fishing there together! You tell me, we'll work it out! :)
Places further than 20 miles from Katy, TX are subject to a travel fee. 

What days do you schedule shoots on? 
Almost any day!! Contact me to check availability for specific dates! 

What is your rescheduling/cancellation policy?
I understand that sometimes things happen, it's life, but if you need to reschedule or cancel then please do so asap. 48 hours must be given and the deposit is non-refundable, if given 48 hours then your deposit can be applied to a new date.

Can I have the unedited photos?
 I do not give out unedited photos, most photographers do not because we only want our best work shown. 

Do you shoot weddings? 
Currently, I am only shooting small weddings. I have shot one small wedding professionally. I am a natural light photographer at heart and I don't dare compare myself with the big dogs of wedding photography. There are so many great wedding photographers out there that specialize in that area, I think you'll find someone great. However if you do really want me to photograph your wedding and it is small, 50 people or less, then feel free to contact me and we can talk details and pricing. I would also love to be a second photographer at your wedding if you and your photographer would have me! As for proposals, engagements, bridals, wedding portraits, etc., I would love to do those for you! 

I have a different type of shoot in mind, are you open to new things/ideas?  
Yes, of course! Just send me an e-mail with the details and what you're wanting a photographer for! I'd love to hear and am open to try new things!  This can be very fun and I can't wait to hear what you have in mind! 

Are there any forms to fill out? 
Yes, I do have a contract and a release form that I ask all of my clients fill out. It's not a lot and it's really simple, but please be sure to include all names of those that will be photographed. 


Expedited/Rush Editing Fees for Small and Large Portrait Packages:
Normal turn around time is roughly 1 month for finishing edited portrait jobs in Small or Large Portrait Packages. If you would like your photos finished faster, you can pay a rush fee.  (Turn around time for Themed Minis is 1 week, so no rush editing is available.)

  • 3 week turn around: 20% of the price of your chosen portrait package
  • 2 week turn around: 40% of the price of your chosen portrait package
  • 1 week turn around: 60% of the price of your chosen portrait package

Expedited/Rush Editing Fees for Wedding/Event Packages:

Our normal turn around time is roughly 1 month & 2 weeks for finishing edited wedding/event jobs. If you would like your photos finished faster, you can pay a rush fee.

  • 5 week turn around: 20% of the price of your chosen wedding package
  • 4 week turn around: 30% of the price of your chosen wedding package
  • 3 week turn around: 40% of the price of your chosen wedding package
  • 2 week turn around: 50% of the price of your chosen wedding package
  • 1 week turn around: NOT AVAILABLE

Please note, holidays are very busy times, I do allow each holiday client to choose 1-3 images you'd like edited first for your cards without a rush fee on those. 

Caroline Iris Photography DOES charge Texas state sales tax.